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Truth be told, I have too many horses. So I decided to sell em! Not all of course, but definantly most of them.

~ Prices ~

Prices vary on the horse. The prices will be next to the link.

~ Mare ~

golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Syrin ~ SOLD
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Luna ~ Free
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Jazzi ~ Free
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Clover ~ Free
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Celtic Gem ~ Free
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Suki ~ 1 Point
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Yuki  ~ PENDING
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Celtic Jewel ~ 2 Points
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Azuna ~ 2 Points
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Buttercup ~ 3 Points
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Desert Angel ~ Draw To Adopt
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Cherokee Rose ~ PENDING
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Celtic Rose ~ PENDING
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Midnight Spark ~ Draw To Adopt
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Bacardi ~ Draw To Adopt

~ Stallion ~

golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Blue Moon ~ Free
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Running Thunder ~ Free
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Drogan ~ Free
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Mustang ~ Free
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Yarraman ~ 1 Point
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Jasper ~ 2 Points
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Black Lightning ~ 2 Points
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Renegade ~ 3 Points
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Orion ~ PENDING
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Malaki ~ Draw To Adopt
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Kodiak ~ PENDING
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Kade ~ Draw To Adopt
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Sterling ~ Draw To Adopt

~ Colt ~

golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Fillies Man ~ Free
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Red Sea ~ Free
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Genie Free ~ Free
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Devils Tale ~ Free
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Lean On Me ~ PENDING
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Lucas ~ 1 Point
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Leader ~ 2 Points
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Another Day ~ PENDING
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Another Rain ~ Draw To Adopt

~ Filly ~

golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Sonny Days ~ Free
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Golden Noon ~ Free
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Just Watch Me ~ Free
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Sunday Sun ~ Free
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Vanilla Sprinkle ~ 1 Point
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Caramel Apple ~ 1 Point
golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Your A Firework ~ Draw To Adopt

~ Kennel ~

golden-apple-acres.deviantart.… Cori ~ 5 Points

~ Icons ~

Normal Icon ( No BG Or Animation Or Shading ) ~ Free
Better Icon ( Just Shading ) ~ 2 Points
Great Icon ( Background And Shading ) ~ 4 Points

~ Bases/Lineart ~

Horse Head ~ 10 Points
Half Horse ~ 20 Points
Full Horse ~ 30 Points

~ Art ~

Head No BG Or Shading ~ Free
Head No BG ~ 10 Points
Head ~ 20 Points
Half Body No BG Or Shading ~ 5 Points
Half Body No BG ~ 15 Points
Half Body ~ 25 Points
Full Body No BG Or Shadig ~ 10 Points
Full Body No BG ~ 25 Points
Full Body ~ 35 Points

~ Design Requests ~

Easy ( Solid Color, Some Markings ) ~ 2 Points
Normal ( 2 Color, Any Markings ) ~ 5 Points
Hard ( Any Amount Colors, Any Markings ) ~ 15 Points
Since It Would Take WAY To Long To Put It In EVERY DESCRIPTION, I Give Credit Of Bases To, Sana-0095, orengel, and  aniutqa. I think thats it.


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I Am In Practice Of Horses And Dogs And People.

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You are currently fostering a horse and need to read the new journal if you haven't already. This is a reminder.

Just so you know, you need to send all the links to any pictures of the foal.

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Hello, I see that you have used bases. Please give credit, if you don't that would be considered stealing, I don't want to report for art theft.
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